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As Davey O’Shea works as a Sparker for Nikola Tesla, implementing his wireless electricity technology to the streets of London in 1888, he is also on the lookout as a detective for Scotland Yard during the peak of Jack the Ripper’s gruesome spree. Visited by a strange man, one night out on the job, Davey is presented with the legendary sword, Excalibur, and upon touching it, learns he is a descendent of King Arthur himself. Now armed with the knowledge of his famed ancestor, Davey joins forces with other descendents of the Round Table to search for King Arthur’s true nemesis. Always two steps behind, however, and with more of the Ripper’s victims piling up, Davey must find a way to get ahead in order to stop both past and present adversaries.

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30th March, 1888 Whitechapel Borough, London, England 12:00 a.m. The deep carmine of the fresh blood pooled out in all directions around the woman. She lay twitching in the muck and the dirt of an all

The content I will be releasing on this blog is copyrighted material and should be treated as such. Please contact me directly via email at for any questions regarding my mater

The release date is officially moved to 3/27/2022. Keep an eye out for the first chapter on March 30th.

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